i close my eyes, and..pray.

Dec 24, 2016
ripped tights

are you my outlet? am i upset over this? lets wait for 5 minutes for a change of heart. a flash of a smile replaced by cold accusing eyes. can you see how in-genuine i am? have your cold subsided? maybe your heart is filled in an ice bath, why dont our eyes meet anymore. too many times... who knows how to truly break the silence. any closer physical effort brings frantic steps backwards. or walk away surely because what is more painful than walking one ahead of the other. leave it to memories to tell you that you are hurt and you are still upset. but you are not, technically. its just hard to start afresh, you are still the ice bath my heart hangs around in. the hardest part of relationship is emotional entanglement. do you know if you are reinforcing or cancelling negativity?

Posted at 05:24 am by mickyfoo

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