i close my eyes, and..pray.

Mar 7, 2017
letters to God

you always wish for a different environment, maybe friends you truly like, maybe people who are much easier to get along with, maybe family who truly cares for you, maybe a pet who always welcome you by the door and go for long walks with you, maybe a beautiful park right in the middle of your neighborhood, maybe a cafe with your favorite coffee to stop by every morning, maybe a flexible working time, maybe more time to spent in nature and with God, maybe more reflection and deep talks sitting on the grass patch, maybe cooler breeze yet with warm sunshine, maybe more time to read a book and more spaces to relax at, maybe a less traffic congested path for cycling, maybe more swings and slides, maybe hills and treks for us to conquer and admire the scenery, maybe more freedom and less hectic life with less stress, more time do what we really want to do. all this dissatisfaction of the current state and the need to escape keeps resurfacing. probably, i just want to grow some wings and fly to somewhere call home.

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