i close my eyes, and..pray.

Mar 15, 2017

because i had this dream with you in it ; i think this is close to love because i cannot pretend that i don't nor lie to myself otherwise. strong resolutions just become strong compromise. stubborn minded gets replaced by willingness to change. and love has taught me all of that. its useless to fight, to stick to your guns, to put your foot down. you cannot unlove with the mind nor can you feel your way through pride what love is about. and when time lapse, you ask a question: can i really not care anymore? that's when you realize what the answer is. commitment is more important than anything else. the last thing you want to do is being unfaithful and be inconsistent in that aspect as well. emotional wise i am a whirlpool. but let something eternal be the main deciding factor in staying or leaving. since you appeared, can you be considered man of dreams, or man of coincidence, or man of fate...

Posted at 06:57 am by mickyfoo

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